Blanche Farms Meats


Blanche Farms Meats is a culmination of life experiences.  Growing up in a family of six, our family revolved around the dinner table.  I was unaware at the time that the culinary seeds were being planted.  My mother made it a point that, even with all the activities and sports we were involved in, we always ate dinner together.  She made great efforts to create interesting and freshly prepared meals nightly.  My father challenged her with unique requests to mimic the flavors he enjoyed in Brazil from his time in the Peace Corps.  She embraced the challenged and her children often joined in. 

It was a natural transition to study Hotel restaurant management in college and dedicated myself to the kitchen.  I was fortunate to have a pair of young chefs take me in and flood my head with classic French cooking.  I spent, what seemed like hours, making mayonnaise from scratch,  learning how to produce a perfect demi glaze, cutting entire wheels of cheese, picking cases of beans, and learning how to cut, cook, and eat good steak.  

After college, I honed my culinary skills, and mastered the art of running a successful kitchen. IN my early 30’s, I opened my own casual restaurant and brew pub in the Blue Ridge Mountains of TN.  Here I was able to experiment and develop recipes.  After 10 years of running a successful restaurant, my wife and I decided to focus on our four young children and on growing our guest ranch.  our lifestyle in the mountains was an organic farm-to-table before it had a name - it was our way of life.  We had neighbors that supplied our growing family with sweet milk, hogs, grass fed beef, and we grew our own fresh fruit, produce, eggs, and chickens.  Our seasons provided us with Chanterelle mushrooms, huckleberries, muscadines, wild blueberries, blackberries, and of course wild Venison.

my passion for experimenting with food led me to building an old smokehouse on the farm. this is where I began my journeys with Charcuterie.  In the fall I would cure my venison hams and then smoke and age them through the winter.  I would hang my dry sausages in our humid cold basement.  I noticed that, in the very cold winters, my aging and smoking was done colder than normal and it produced a more subtle flavor. I experimented with how different the meats would taste depending on the time, seasonings, and temperature. This fascination became an obsession when we moved our family south. my initial attempts of production made me quickly realize how instrumental those cold mountain winters were to the infusion of the unique flavor of the meat we enjoyed. my solution was to build a prototype to mimic those mountain winter conditions right here on our farm in Macon GA.

the last instrumental piece of the equations was meeting my friend Stuart. a small specialty ossabaw hog farmer I met while picking up a part for my tractor. our similar interest in quality pork and charcuterie made us fast friends. the incredible quality of the pork that came from his farm, added a new element to perfecting premium charcuterie. after visiting his farm, we both decided to work together to bring the delicious and nutritious ossabaw hog to the forefront of your table. I am so proud to share the end product with you so you can enjoy it as much our family does!